Now we’re cooking with gas

Last year we dissed ‘Black Friday’ on this blog. It’s all about greedy people chasing stupid special offers, I wrote. And I advised people to ignore it all and leave their shopping till the Saturday after.

This year we actually chose to grab a Black Friday deal.

Only , we placed our order and made our payment on the Thursday immediately before Black Friday proper. Β Oh, and the shop, a local Euronics dealer only two minutes’ walk from Waffle Towers, was empty save for us and the storekeeper. So there was no jostling amongst other shoppers. It was all very civilised and polite, which is how shoppery should be πŸ™‚

Our purchase was delivered and installed around midday today. Here’s what it looks like.


It’s a Valor gas cooker, no less. Twin cavity, with double-glazed doors and interior light. It’s 50cm wide, so it fits the kitchen perfectly. And Shana cooked chips, mouthwatering beef burgers and baked beans this evening just to let it know what it has let itself in for.

‘It’s warmed the room up nicely,’ I said, enjoying the respite from today’s ‘bracing’ temperatures.

‘Yes, but you might not be so keen to be around it on a hot summer day,’ said Shana.

‘Oh, I’d forgotten about that,’ I said. ‘Can’t wait to cook a few salads next June and July. I can just imagine the aroma of chargrilled Chinese leaf lettuce wafting through the air.’ πŸ™‚

One side-effect of having a new cooker is all the extra worktop space that has now been freed up. For almost ten years, we have used ‘alternative’ cooking methods, everything bar a firepit in the back lawn.

We had several sets of double boiling rings. Great for bedsit flats maybe, but not so great if you actually want to boil anything, eg hard boiled eggs. They are usually so slow that you could leave them on all day without ever reaching a rolling boil. The only one that was anywhere near any good was an Elgento. (No, I’ve never heard of them either, but if you really need one, that’s probably what you should go for.)

Microwave ovens have tended to be fine for a lot of things, although it does help if you wipe them dry when required. Stops the insides going rusty πŸ™‚ Our most recent one, a big Swan retro design model, is a prized part of our kitchen setup.

For over a year we have used one of those halogen ovens. Ours is a Tower model. I think they’re called ‘air fryers’. They are basically a big glass bowl with a hot air thingy on the top. They do decent chips, pies and pasties. (Great if you want one in your mancave πŸ™‚ ) But they are abysmal at getting a pizza nice and crispy. Oh, and the numbers on some of them tend to fade fairly fast, so mind how you wipe them down, otherwise you’ll have to guess how hot things are getting. We had one replaced, under the manufacturer’s warranty, with not a hint of a quibble, so I think it’s a known design flaw.

And finally, we got a Tefal induction hob. That was excellent. Fast heat, easy to clean, no fading numbers on that either. If we had had two of them we’d have been fine, but with one Shana had a lot of juggling to do: take beans off for a moment so the frying pan can go on; take frying pan off to ensure beans pan is hot, etc etc.

So, it’s all been a big cooking adventure, but now, after more than a decade and a half, Shana is once more reunited with the power of gas.

Altogether: hip hip…Hooray!!!


3 thoughts on “Now we’re cooking with gas

  1. I really envy you your new super-duper gas cooker πŸ™‚
    We’re looking to replace our old, and very battered, calor gas cooker, as the oven hasn’t worked for ages, and we’ve now got used to using a small counter-top electric oven instead.
    We decided, here at the Night Owl home, that we want to just buy a hob, and use all that wonderful space below for extra storage.
    As we don’t have piped gas here on the coast of west wales, we have to buy more expensive models to cope with the tanked gas, which can be a real pain at times, so we’re hoping that a hob will be a bit cheaper to buy!

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    1. From experience (and I think Shana would agree with this) if you have to get a hob, the best way to go is with an induction hob. Ours was a Tefal. I don’t know if you can get double hobs, which would save a lot of juggling if you have two pans on the go at once, but we managed with just a single hob. Important to note though, that your pans MUST be suitable for induction use. If you’re not sure, just put a fridge magnet on the bottom (the outside bottom, that is) and if it sticks, then your pan is good for induction. Best of luck with your new kitchen setup πŸ™‚

      Here at Waffle Towers, by the way, we actually generate our own gas…by eating lots and lots of…


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      1. I have to admit to having used an induction hob years ago, and not getting on with it – I guess I’ve spent so many years cooking with gas that I just can’t cope with anything else hob-wise πŸ™‚
        Mr Night Owl used to love creating his own bubble baths via the old beans option! Lol

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