Montezuma’s Chilli and Lime. Amazing!

I consider myself something of a chocolate expert. Name any well known bar of chocolate and chances are that, over the years, I have eaten it.

Except one, back in the 1970s as far as I recall.

Yes folks, I never did ‘risk it for a Swisskit’. Too late for my chocolate bucket list, I suspect.

The best chocolate, though, I have only just discovered, thanks to Shana’s chocolate-hunting skills. And it is this: Montezuma’s Chilli and Lime organic chocolate bar. It’s a big flavour, so I’ve given it a big link. Click on the pic to visit their site. (By the way, they’re not paying me for writing about them, in case you wondered…)


It’s one to savour, to allow to gently melt in the mouth, and one to certainly remember as the finely balanced hit of chilli reaches the taste buds. The lime resuces you perfectly from what, made by any other than Montezuma’s, would be a mere bout of coughing and spluttering.

Get hold of one of their chocolate bars (made right here in England) now, But remember one thing:

Make sure you hide it where I won’t find it 🙂


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