Welcome to The Waſſail Experience

You thought you had arrived at your favourite blog: Chris and Shana’s Waffle Experience.

But no. Because, for the festive season only, it has now become Chris and Shana’s Waſſail Experience.

Someone on telly mentioned that, with it now being December, people would soon  be out and about, enjoying the traditional pastime of wassailing.

Quick as a flash (or should that be ‘flaſh?) I turned to Shana and said ‘Yes, but in the Middle Ages they all used to write the letter S so it looked like an F. So for all those hundreds of years they were not wassailing but waffling.’

‘Waffling?’ said Shana. ‘You mean, like we do? Brilliant!’

‘Yes!’ I said. ‘Or maybe even “fantaſtic!’

So this Yuletide, if you go out inflicting Chriſtmas carols on everyone else, do remember that you are in fact doing it all in the spirit of…


Note: To all those readers who think I am making an awful big deal out of a very thin joke, normal ſervice will be reſumed ſhortly.

ſo there!


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