On and on and Lexicon

We have been playing Lexicon for about two months now and it shows no signs of getting dull. Incredible as it may sound, this evening was the first time in dozens of games that either of us has actually put down a ten-letter word (ie, all ten cards at once). We’ve had plenty of sevens and managed nine a few times, but it’s surprising how elusive that ten has been.

Oh, and it was yours truly who got it 🙂


To be fair, I didn’t get the full word straight out from the deal. (We’re still waiting for that humdinger). I did get the Master card, which can represent any letter and which I designated as an I. And on my first turn I swapped a T for the A that was lying next to the spare card pile, thus making my ten-letter winner.

Both Shana and I have, by contrast, already both suffered from the trauma of losing ten cards’ worth of points. In my case it totted up to a total of 70, which put me fairly and squarely out 😦

Meanwhile, Scrabble is gathering dust on the bookshelves. Maybe one day…


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