Escape to the veggie patch

As all Freeview viewers will know, there isn’t much on telly at the weekend, especially in the daytime. Freeview may offer dozens of channels, but they are all basically repeating the same stuff. This is why I can now quote whole episodes of Outback Truckers word-for-word, just as some film buffs can quote from Star Wars.

Yesterday (Sunday) we were, for a while, glued to an ancient episode of Escape to the Country in which presenter Jonnie Irwin was giving a pair of househunters a guided tour round some properties in Yorkshire.

‘That veggie patch will need some TLC,’ said Jonnie.

‘Turnips, leeks, and carrots!’ I exclaimed. ‘”TLC”. Turnips, leeks, and carrots. Well why not? It is a vegetable patch isn’t it?’

Shana was so impressed by my knowledge of gardening abbreviations that she urged me to make a blog post of the incident. So I scrawled a few notes on the back of an envelope, tossed the paper on the floor for safe keeping, and promptly put the whole event out of mind for a time.

So here I am, 24 hours (and a bit) later, bringing it all back to life again. Anything blogworthy should, after all, be not rushed but savoured., do you not agree? 🙂



2 thoughts on “Escape to the veggie patch

  1. Oh, totally!

    Savouring a Blog post is the only thing to do, especially if you can make it at least 1,000 words without actually saying much at all! Lol

    I’d forgotten all about ‘Escape to the Country’ – why did you have to remind me? Lol


    1. All part of the service 🙂 Now you’ve finally rmembered this great series, you can catch up on all those classic episodes on a Freeview channel virtually anytime you want. Remember when Wales’ own Aled Jones was a presenter? Or the great Jules Hudson, the man who made the puffa gilet fashionable once again? And then there’s Alistair Appleton Mk1 and Mk 2 (beard/no beard). I could go on….but I see you’ve already fallen asleep 😦

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