Advice to spring lambs everywhere

Shana is a keen armchair sports fan. Rugby, cricket, tennis, Shana can lose herself in all of them. But on commercial telly channels it is virtually impossible to avoid all those ads for betting firms, all shown well before what used to be a mid-evening ‘watershed’. In sometimes minuscule and very faint typefaces, customers are urged to be careful with their money. No idea if these warnings work. Maybe for some. Who knows?

Anyway, this evening we were playing Lexicon and I came up with the word ‘gambol’.

‘Just wondered,’ I said, wondering aloud why it had never occurred to me before. ‘Do spring lambs remember to gambol responsibly?’

Shana was, for once, at a loss for words. I’ll say one thing: she’s never speechless when the rugby is on, with the usual coaching advice being something along the lines of ‘Run, you bugger, run!‘ With insight like that, the England rugby manager’s job could be hers for the taking 🙂


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