Chris and Shana’s Waffle Experience: not so much stream-of-consciousness as
puddles of perception

Chris and Shana’s Waffle Experience is run (if that’s not too fancy a word for it) by Chris and Shana. But you probably guessed that already.

Chris and Shana are two urban recluses who live in a semi-rural backwater between the east and west coasts of England. Chris, who claims the world record for the longest student gap year in history (about 30 years now) enjoys cake and includes among his hobbies the dubious activity of ‘lazing’. He is a talented amateur in the art of origami and enjoys the music of Julio Iglesias. Not.

Shana, who is under six feet in height but does not like the subject to be brought up in conversation, is also fond of cake. She is also a dab hand with a crochet mallet (er, I mean hook) and is currently working on a full-size 3D model of the Universe. In chunky wool. Shana expects the project to be completed in about 4 billion years–depending on reliable postal deliveries of yarn, that is.

How did Chris and Shana’s Waffle Experience get its name?

Glad you asked. See this dictionary definition?

waffle: verb, to speak or write, esp. at great length, without saying anything important or useful

Obviously, we were being ironic.

Or were we?


Chris and Shana’s craft-related posts (crochet, knitting, origami, netmaking etc) have now all moved to Chris and Shana’s Craft Shack. Go see πŸ™‚


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