Waffle Towers Renovation Project

Grandiose title for what is in fact a little bit of D.I.Y., at this time of year I imagine that most people are running around in a panic trying to get ready for the festive splurge. Here at Waffle Towers things are a little calmer, but no less crazy!

Using the following items we are in the process of stripping some wood back to the grain and varnishing it to make it all pretty, Chris is doing the stripping (no comments about that please!), and I’m sanding and vanishing varnishing.

I’m also doing a bit of knitting, nothing very exciting really, now if you will excuse me I need to do some vanishing…


Let There Be Light!

On nearly every property show we watch on TV, the prospective buyers or renovators always say they want a house with big windows and lots of light, open spaces and airy, with emphasis on LIGHT!

What puzzles me is why after being so insistent on LIGHT, they often install kitchens with black granite worktops and black tiles, that’s not very light!



Even worse, some of them install black bathrooms, would you want to have a nice relaxing bath in the black hole of Calcutta??!! And imagine if the power went out…or there was a spider running across the floor…



The latest fad seems to be for something called Metro Tiles, everyone appears to be using them. Apparently they are so called because they’re like the tiles used in the underground…oh and they come in black too!!

metro tiles



To me they look more like the tiles used in Victorian toilets, which is not the the ideal image to have in mind when cooking, though it may be appropriate for the bathroom!!

victorian toilet


Surf Kitchen

We rescued an old abandoned table today. Eventually, we’ll remove the dingy brown paint to reveal the dingy brown wood underneath. We’ll also have to reglue some of the joints to stop it from wobbling. Other than that it’s in perfect condition. I dismantled it so it will be easier to work on. This was a simple matter of taking out half a dozen screws, and a bit of last-minute prep with my ‘fine adjustment tool’: a mallet 🙂

The table top, a sinuous scallop-edged affair has clearly been used by an amateur decorator, judging by the paint splashes. I held it up to the wall and immediately saw a thousand quid piece of modern abstract art. Oops, I seem to have it upside down!


Or maybe it’s a surfboard? I couldn’t resist surfing round the kitchen, although in my mind I was already on Bondi beach in Hawaii. (Never was much good at geography.)

By the way…Aloha 🙂

Back to Reality-on-Sea though. Here’s the rest of the table. Looks like Humpty Dumpty after his great fall, doesn’t it? Oh dear, what have we started…

Now, I am Carpenter!

It’s been a busy week for the postman. Yesterday, a couple of crossword puzzle books arrived for me. One book of a hundred Financial Times crosswords and one of Sunday Telegraph puzzles.

Today, Shana received some balls of yarn she’d ordered seemingly only five minutes ago. These are for a special project. (She’s crocheting the Little House on the Prairie.)

For me, there was also a little toy in the post. Namely, a mitre box and (as if that wasn’t enough excitement) a saw. The saw has someone’s name on it: ‘Stanley’. If he comes round wanting it back, I’m going to hide it and deny all knowledge (not difficult really for a Bloke like me 🙂 ).

Down to the bottom shed I trotted, returning with a couple of yards of warped pine. I then set about cutting several 45-degree angels (sic) and managed to create a decent impression of a picture frame. Shana and I were both chuffed. In fact, it’s hard to say who was the chuffedest. Anyway, it’s good to develop new skills, and with my new mitre box, I can now make things for our home. How about a perfectly mitred square toilet seat? Eh? Whaddya mean, therre’s not much call for that round here?