Montezuma’s Chilli and Lime. Amazing!

I consider myself something of a chocolate expert. Name any well known bar of chocolate and chances are that, over the years, I have eaten it.

Except one, back in the 1970s as far as I recall.

Yes folks, I never did ‘risk it for a Swisskit’. Too late for my chocolate bucket list, I suspect.

The best chocolate, though, I have only just discovered, thanks to Shana’s chocolate-hunting skills. And it is this: Montezuma’s Chilli and Lime organic chocolate bar. It’s a big flavour, so I’ve given it a big link. Click on the pic to visit their site. (By the way, they’re not paying me for writing about them, in case you wondered…)


It’s one to savour, to allow to gently melt in the mouth, and one to certainly remember as the finely balanced hit of chilli reaches the taste buds. The lime resuces you perfectly from what, made by any other than Montezuma’s, would be a mere bout of coughing and spluttering.

Get hold of one of their chocolate bars (made right here in England) now, But remember one thing:

Make sure you hide it where I won’t find it πŸ™‚

Now we’re cooking with gas

Last year we dissed ‘Black Friday’ on this blog. It’s all about greedy people chasing stupid special offers, I wrote. And I advised people to ignore it all and leave their shopping till the Saturday after.

This year we actually chose to grab a Black Friday deal.

Only , we placed our order and made our payment on the Thursday immediately before Black Friday proper. Β Oh, and the shop, a local Euronics dealer only two minutes’ walk from Waffle Towers, was empty save for us and the storekeeper. So there was no jostling amongst other shoppers. It was all very civilised and polite, which is how shoppery should be πŸ™‚

Our purchase was delivered and installed around midday today. Here’s what it looks like.


It’s a Valor gas cooker, no less. Twin cavity, with double-glazed doors and interior light. It’s 50cm wide, so it fits the kitchen perfectly. And Shana cooked chips, mouthwatering beef burgers and baked beans this evening just to let it know what it has let itself in for.

‘It’s warmed the room up nicely,’ I said, enjoying the respite from today’s ‘bracing’ temperatures.

‘Yes, but you might not be so keen to be around it on a hot summer day,’ said Shana.

‘Oh, I’d forgotten about that,’ I said. ‘Can’t wait to cook a few salads next June and July. I can just imagine the aroma of chargrilled Chinese leaf lettuce wafting through the air.’ πŸ™‚

One side-effect of having a new cooker is all the extra worktop space that has now been freed up. For almost ten years, we have used ‘alternative’ cooking methods, everything bar a firepit in the back lawn. Continue reading “Now we’re cooking with gas”

The BIG Pizza Crisis

It’s never easy ordering groceries online, you can never be sure exactly what the size of a product may be. Just because it says 14″ Pizza, it’s not easy to visualise, ok maybe 14″ should have rung alarm bells, but it didn’t, and I ordered it *facepalm*

When it arrived I nearly fainted, it was about the size of a small dining table and there was no way it was going to fit in our Halogen oven. At this point I should have handed it back and said I’d ordered the wrong size, but I’d been drooling over the idea of a pizza for days and there was no way in hell I was going without.

So dinner time arrived, I looked at the pizza, measured it against the oven…yup, several inches too big. I could fold it in half…not an option, so I cut it up into pieces, then some more littler pieces, and finally I created a patchwork of pizza…result!

With a bit of jiggling up and down to ensure all the pieces were cooked, I finally served the pizza…in pieces…lots of pieces…but damn it tasted good πŸ˜›

BIG pizza

A farewell to Epistaxis

Go on admit it: you thought this was going to be a post about my longing to go back to a small Greek island after spending an idyllic holiday there, didn’t you? Ah the blessed isle of Epistaxis, twenty miles north of Crete, in the balmy waters of the Aegean Sea πŸ™‚ Mentioned, if memory is to be relied upon, by Homer in his gazzetteer of Greek hotspots.


Just my luck, ain’t it! You’re one of those confounded educated bunnies, aren’t you. (Dagnabbit!)

Right then, well for all the others who are still in the dark…

Epistaxis is the technical term for nosebleeds. From which I have suffered since my early years, way back in the twentieth century. Years ago, Ma and Pa’s response was to get me to tilt my head back (absolutely the worst way to treat a nosebleed) but this was quite likely more to do with stopping the living room, kitchen or family car from looking like a scene out of CSI than any sort of applied first-aid training.

Skip forward to about a year ago. Early in June 2015. I had experienced a sort of bloated feeling a couple of days running. So for a temporary period (or so I intended) of three weeks or so, I stopped drinking milk.

Four weeks later both Shana and I (me first, I think) noticed that my nosebleeds had pretty well stopped. They used to be a real nuisance and meant I couldn’t go anywhere without taking an emergency ration of pre-wadded up soft paper to staunch any spontaneous bleeds. Bright sunlight could bring them on. Heat, stress, even a severe sneeze could trigger one. And once I had brought it under control, I was wary for days afterwards of blowing my nose clear in case it started another one.

Since June 2015 I’ve had hardly any problems with the dreaded spistaxis.

Our conclusion (not a scientific one but based more on experience than anything else) is that in my case there is a strong correlation between drinking milk and suffereing from nosebleeds.

Shana thinks cows get too many antibiotics and that this might be the underlying reason. My own assumption is that dairy cows must be taking lots of,,. antiCOWagulants πŸ™‚

Anyway, I now drink my tea black (though still with some sugar) and it tastes the best it’s ever tasted.

And for breakfast cereal, I simply pour on plenty of…


Had you going there, didn’t I?

No, actually we both switched to Alpro almond milk, which is readily available at loads of shops. As for cow’s milk, I don’t miss it at all.

Could my solution work for you if you also suffer from the dreaded spistaxis? No idea. I’m not a doctor and I don’t give medical or dietary advice. [Follow this link if you want officially approved medical advice on nosebleeds.] ]But if you’ve tried everything else, it might be worth a go. Let us know how you get on if you do decide to kick that milk habit πŸ™‚