Snow Business

Seeing all the snow that’s fallen, and the inevitable panic that always comes with the unprepared, had me remin reminis remembering what it was like in days gone by.

This picture was taken in the Winter of ’63 when I was about 18 months old. I remember being so excited that I dashed outside without getting properly dressed, yes I am wearing a jumper, but no underwear and only my bootee slippers on my feet, but we were hardy and impervious to cold back in the day!

The next snow event I remember was when I was a teenager, we lived in a small village at the time about 5 miles from school and had to rely on buses to ferry us back and forth. When it snowed, the village was cut off and we were reet excited about not going to school…but the authorities had other ideas. We had a small hike to the main road where, surprise, surprise, the school buses were waiting. Damn. We drove through snow drifts almost as high as the bus, the country did not grind to halt like it does today. Life carried on pretty much as normal.

That was pretty much a localised snow event, the next one was not, it was the Winter of 1978-79. I was working in a department store at the time, and through the day the weather got worse…and worse…but it was an old-fashioned store who believed in being there just in a case a customer wandered in. By mid-afternoon it was quite clear that anyone with an ounce of sense had gone home, in the store however, we were all standing there looking at each other in an increasing sense of panic.

When they finally let us go, all the buses had stopped, so I had no option but to walk the 1.5 miles or so, home…in high heels…and about 6″ of snow…moderately uphill. I’ve no idea how long it took, seemed like forever, I was sobbing with the pain of the cold and the struggle to walk. At the half way point, my heel gave out, and I had to half limp, half drag myself the rest of the way home. I was so traumatised I have no recollection of whether I went to work the next day, but knowing me, I probably did!

I’ve been through many other snow events since, but thankfully I’ve been able to stay inside, which is what I’m doing now…and starving to death* in the process because Sainsburys cancelled my grocery delivery this morning!

*author’s artistic licence


Fast way to find the day

The Internet is, as we all know, rife with errors. Many go uncorrected for years as long-abandoned blogs linger on with all their mistakes intact.

But poor research has been around a lot longer than the Web. Many books (remember books? They’re like Kindles, only made out of old bits of mashed up trees 🙂 ) also contain little gaffes and howlers. One such was a dusty old copy of ‘English Saga’, a history book by Arthur Bryant, which I found while browsing in the Waffle Library this afternoon. I’ve never read it all the way but have leafed through it a few times.

‘English Saga’, I noticed today, had a little inaccuracy in one chapter (I won’t send us all to sleep with the details) where a certain date is mentioned: Monday, February 22, 1848.

I had to read it twice just to be sure. Then I aha-ed (is that a verb? If not, it is now 🙂 ) in triumph. You old fool, Bryant, I thought. Feb 22, 1848 wasn’t a Monday. It was a Tuesday!

For a few years now, I have been amusing myself by trying to work out the day of various historical dates, and I now have three methods by which to achieve this. Careful though, if you want to look up how to do it, because some online tutorials do contain errors, including one I stumbled upon only yesterday.

Here’s the quickest way to work out past dates. If you like history you’ll love this especially.

Ready? Here goes. Continue reading “Fast way to find the day”

A Slide Aside

Here are the slides and projector I inherited from my father, together with a pic of the man himself trying to be artistic taking what I guess could be the worlds first selfie!! He actually won some prizes for his photography and was very particular when it came to taking pics, he had gadgets for testing the light, various filters and lenses, very keen indeed.