Things we love to hate: DIY

‘DIY’ is one in a series of 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles with the overall title of ‘Things We Love To Hate’. James Alexander is the illustrator, and what a talented fellow he is. The six rooms in the house in the picture each contain an unfolding disaster. People are tripping over electric flex, struggling up stairs with big rolls of carpet, ripping up floors, plunging through ceilings and generally creating mayhem. Even the poor old cat has been chased up a ladder by a fierce little dog!

Perfectionists will often tell you that if a job’s worth doing, you should do it yourself. Realists say you’re better off paying someone else to run all the risks. I know whose side I’m on, although I am teaching myself electrical wiring. Now, someone remind me, is it blue on the left or blue on the right?


Past Times

We finished a 1000-piece jugsaw yesterday afternoon. Strictly speaking, it was a 999-piece puzzle, because one piece was missing. But not to worry, as these things do happen with pre-owned puzzles from time to time.

This one was called ‘Past Times’, produced by House of Puzzles, and from an original painting by an artist named Michael Herring. The only painter by that name that I’ve found after a quick online search doesn’t paint that kind of picture at all. So here’s a quick link to more pictures by Michael Herring jigsaw artist. Any further information is of course most welcome. If you happen to be Michael Herring himself, perhaps you could send us the missing piece, which is the back of the antique shop owner’s head! Or maybe I’ll just get my crayons out and colour the puzzle complete 🙂

Ivory cats

We just completed a jigsaw puzzle of ‘Starsign Cats’ with beautiful paintings by renowned cat artist Lesley Anne Ivory. When I say ‘completed’ though, I am keeping quiet about the 175 pieces of blue that would usually separate the individual cat images. But at least we got the outer edge finished. Do we get a prize?