The Man Who Fell To Earth


As a child I had no friends, I was considered weird, a freak, scary, I felt so alone, I was too young to be able to embrace my unique abilities, didn’t even understand them. Then David Bowie appeared as if from outer space and suddenly I found someone who I could relate to. This wasn’t a typical pop star crush, this went far deeper, through his awesome songs I learned to embrace my personal weird.

So when I woke up and read the news this morning, I cried my heart out, I felt as if I’d lost a dear friend, I obviously never met him, or went to a concert, but his music touched my soul. Enough said.


Cooking With Magnets

We’ve gone all hi-tech and bought a new-fangled Induction Hob, I’d been considering buying one for years but wasn’t convinced I could cook on something that didn’t have knobs to twiddle!

Although this model does have lots of pre-set options, I shall be using the manual option until I learn to control the beast. The first simple test we did was to boil some water…fill pan, place on ring…OMG it almost boiled instantly, to say I was a wee bit flabbergasted would truly be the understatement of the century!

There is only one downside to the hob, you need a magnetic bottom…on your saucepans! Fortunately most of ours have this essential requirement, so as they say on a certain TV show…Ready, Steady, Cook!

[Insert obligatory generic pic of Hob with trendy looking couple to impress readers]


Before I forget…

A Happy New Year to all our readers 🙂

So, that’s only about 350 shopping days till next Christmas. This year though, we started early: we’ve already bought a box of tinsel. Great bargain. I cannot, however, reveal who inadvertently threw away half a box of old but perfectly good tinsel last summer…

Ahem, that’d be me then. Oops 🙂

Vac to the future

Bad news for all vacuum cleaner enthusiasts: from September onwards, manufacturers in the European Union will be banned from making any vac with over 1600 watts of power.

We’ll still be able to bust the dust here at Waffle Towers though, because our trusty old Vax WideTrack Quicklite is only a cutesy little 1400 watts.

And we recently invested in (oh, all right then, we bought) a manually operated Bissell. A bit like the old Ewbank carpet sweepers, for anyone who remembers them.

But there’s worse still to come. According to the BBC article I linked to above ‘from 1 September 2017, all vacuum cleaners will have to be less than 900w’.

Nine hundred pesky watts! Well that’s hardly going to spruce up the Man Cave (if you have one, that is 🙂 )

This is all to do with making everyone use less energy in a last-ditch bid to save the planet. What will they do then? Make it a criminal offence to own a souped-up vacuum cleaner?

And where will all this Euromadness end? First the vac: then the lawn mower perhaps. At the Waffle Towers gardens (not yet part of the National Gardens Scheme, but we’re working on it) we’re ahead of the game. Our push lawn mower runs only on tea and biscuits. Don’t believe anyone who says the ‘engine’ (ie, me) is clapped out. Whoever said that is just envious 🙂

And when the EU has forced us all to use doll’s house vacs and toy mowers, will they then start to ban all cars over 900cc? Oh yeah, I’d like to see them try.

Anyway, wafflerant over for now. But enjoy reading this while you can. Because if the Eurobosses have their way, we’ll all have to revert to low-energy ZX Spectrum computers from back in the dark ages.

Just a random thought: is it possible to retrofit a Dodge Viper power unit to a Vax vacuum cleaner? Only wondering, is all…