Drastic plastic

We recently discovered the science series Made By Destruction. I like Tony Hirst’s cheerful narration, and also, I must admit, the techno-influenced soundtrack. (Hunting for the album on CD but having no luck so far 🙂  )

Made by Destruction often features factories that process various types of plastic, and this appeals to my anorak-y nature. I just have to know the meaning of all those numbers inside the triangle of arrows on so many items in our home (everyone’s homes, that is) and whether they are all recyclable.

My research (ie, Shana’s trawling through endless web links) reveals that we had been using empty mineral water bottles totally wrongly. Water bottles are mostly made of PET (deep breath: Polyehtylene teraphthalate. There’s one for the spelling bee if you dare 🙂  ) PET bottles should not be reused because of concerns over hygiene and also the possible leaching of chemicals into the contents of the bottle. We had, for a brief time, reused our PET bottles by filling them with filtered tap water. Never again. (Actually, we stopped using filtered tap water a fair while ago.)

A quick guide to types of plastic  also highlights some other plastics villains, including the evil Bisphenol-A, more commonly known by his friendly nickname BPA. One to avoid at all costs. If you’re anything like me, after you read that page you’ll be looking at the plastic number triangles on everything in sight. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Meanwhile, we’re ditching all the plastic in the house. Chucking the biros and reverting to using pencils; braving the cold by discarding uPVC windows in favour of nice wooden frames; and of course, as all our computer gear has plastic casings, that must be the end of the blog 😦

Yeah, as if! 🙂


The Man Who Fell To Earth


As a child I had no friends, I was considered weird, a freak, scary, I felt so alone, I was too young to be able to embrace my unique abilities, didn’t even understand them. Then David Bowie appeared as if from outer space and suddenly I found someone who I could relate to. This wasn’t a typical pop star crush, this went far deeper, through his awesome songs I learned to embrace my personal weird.

So when I woke up and read the news this morning, I cried my heart out, I felt as if I’d lost a dear friend, I obviously never met him, or went to a concert, but his music touched my soul. Enough said.

Cooking With Magnets

We’ve gone all hi-tech and bought a new-fangled Induction Hob, I’d been considering buying one for years but wasn’t convinced I could cook on something that didn’t have knobs to twiddle!

Although this model does have lots of pre-set options, I shall be using the manual option until I learn to control the beast. The first simple test we did was to boil some water…fill pan, place on ring…OMG it almost boiled instantly, to say I was a wee bit flabbergasted would truly be the understatement of the century!

There is only one downside to the hob, you need a magnetic bottom…on your saucepans! Fortunately most of ours have this essential requirement, so as they say on a certain TV show…Ready, Steady, Cook!

[Insert obligatory generic pic of Hob with trendy looking couple to impress readers]