Go faster snail

After a short shower of rain this afternoon, Shana spotted one of the local snails on the outside of our kitchen window. Presumably he just wanted to come in for a cup of tea and to get out of the wet. Or perhaps I’m anthropomorphising too much. If he/she/it had a Geordie accent, I might have named him Jimmy Snail. Shana, however, had a better idea, and got an excellent snap of our visitor before a) the camera battery fizzled out and b) the snail raced off at lightning speed (I’m not joking; those whirls and lines on his shell can be no other than go-faster stripes 🙂 ). Honestly, people think snals are slow, but they’d beat a Capri Ghia any day of the week!



Return of the snails

The snail that we saw outside our kitchen window a few days ago has come and gone several times since featuring on this blog. Not sure whether he (or she) is doing a daily commute down the front wall and off to an office somewhere, or if our snail is that rarest of rare rarities…

…a homing snail!

No sign of Snaily this morning though. At least, not the usual one. Instead, we were faced with Baby Snail 🙂 And Shana got these amazing pictures, and even found time to arm wrestle the little fellow as well. Notice how Baby Snail has her in a ninja-style finger hold.

We have yet to identify which species of snail either of our recent visitors may be. Perhaps we shall just give them pet names, as each one is a little character in its own right. I wonder what on earth they must think of us.

Early morning snail

I had just started giving the breakfast pots their morning ablutions and decided some fresh air was in order. I therefore reached to shove the kitchen window wide open.

Lucky it wasn’t too chilly a morning today; otherwise, I might have pulled the window shut instead, giving it a healthy slam (to counteract inertia, of course 🙂 )…

…which would not have been in the best interests of this morning’s visitor, who may well have been dislodged in the process.

‘Come here quickly!’ I called to Shana. ‘And bring the camera too!’

She need not have rushed, though. Our visitor was in no hurry.


‘At least you won’t get any motion blur taking this picture,’ I said. ‘And there’s no need for a stopwatch feature either.’

Just then, our snail visitor, twenty feet above ground on the grimy ledge at Waffle Towers, chose to make a break for it, like a hoodlum fleeing a bank heist. You could almost hear the screech of tyres.

Or perhaps not.

‘He’s beating a hasty retreat,’ I persisted, lamely. And with that, our little snail made his way to the corner of the outer ledge, where he tucked himself in, out of the way of hungry birds, and settled down to wait for the safety of evening before slithering off, presumably trying to get himself onto as many people’s blogs as possible.


Earthquakes AND UFO’s…oh my!

I’m sure there is no link between the alleged UFO sightings and the earthquakes…but then again!

Lincoln UFO

Lincolnshire Earthquakes

Today I shall be walking up and down the High Street wearing a sandwich board declaring…THE END IS NIGH!!

So far this is the only UFO we’ve spotted, turned out to be a snail crawling up the outside of the window, quite unusual considering we’re not on the ground floor!!