Superstar teapots

Let this be a lesson to me: always make a note of important things on the blog. It is a sort of personal journal after all. Otherwise, you risk forgetting (as I have done) the precise details of when certain things happen. Things like, for instance, when we finally ditched the dratted tea bag (and its often plastic outer casing which has a half life of about a billion years and will nevereverever biodegrade in even the compostiest of compost heaps)…

…in favour of proper traditional loose leaf tea.

Now let’s all take a moment to heave a collective sigh of contentment. Ready? Here goes:


(Well, I couldn’t find a ‘sigh’ emoticon.Sorry.)

Anyway, long story short, choosing loose leaf tea over tea bags has given us back the well-brewed tea for which we had hankered for so long.

Now we just have to find the perfect pourer, I refer of course to the teapot. We are now a five-teapot household. Feast your eyes:

From the left, the little brown one holds about one cup and is now ‘retired’ but too cute to discard (a bit like a bank being ‘too big to fail’ I suppose 🙂 ). The plain white one we have named ‘The Dribbler’, because as well as pouring tea it tends to disperse a huge lake of tea all over the worktop at the same time. Also no longer used but kept as an example to the others. The see-through one is probably the perfect pourer but not if you fit the lid on correctly and Shana doesn’t think it gives the best flavour either so it has nay chance of a comeback, alas. The blue chintzy one is our regular weekday teapot and doesn’t even need a tea strainer when pouring. The pink chintzy one on the right is what we use as our ‘weekend teapot’. Oddly, although it does have an internal strainer at the base of the spout, it still definiely needs to be used with a regular tea strainer when making a cuppa. A good pourer though, no arguments there.

Oh, and then there’s Smoky, our three-legged tomcat. He makes a terrible cup of tea. He is however, the perfect purrer 🙂