Today Bloke Turns…Alien?

Yes it’s that time of year again when we celebrate Chris’ birthday, no big party, but plenty of good noms. And what about the Alien part? Hmm…here’s a clue as to how old young Bloke is today.

Area 51



Crafty Bloke

Chris has surpassed himself, demonstrating an unparalleled degree of finesse, he’s taken card design to a whole new level…he even designed the Mirri Board himself, you’ve got to hand it to Bloke, he’s got style!

birthday card 2015

Anyone would think it’s my birthday…oh…’tis!


Well, I finally made it to the half century mark. With age comes wisdom, as some fool once said. Me? I’m saying nowt. Read the blog and draw your own conclusions 🙂

On the day I was born many important things were happening in the world, not only politically but economically and socially too.

I, however, was already oblivious of all that. My only comment on the day was (quote) ‘Waaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!’ (unquote).

And now to the present.

Or rather presents.

Shana bought me the present for the bloke who has everything: a one-twelfth scale set of DIY tools. Pipe wrench, padsaw, ball hammer, claw hammer, tinsnips, adjustable spanner, and a little junior hacksaw. Plus a little wooden box to put them all in. I think Shana assumes I’ll be less of a hazard around the house with these tools. Yes, but I could become an absolute menace if I ever manage to shrink my way into a doll’s house with all that kit. 🙂

She also splashed out on a set of fridge magnets featuring workers and vehicles from the construction industry. Now, when the building site across the road from us is not busy, I can move the excavators and lorries around on the fridge instead. My all time favourite, the yellow dumper truck is, of course included among them. The magnets, which are apparently suitable for ages three and upwards (so I just scrape in there then, don’t I?) are good solid high-quality. None of your chipboard stuff. These are proper plywood. Should last for years.

As ‘big’ birthdays go, it was a quiet day, just how we both like it. Hardboiled egg rolls for lunch, lashings of strong tea (go on, you thought I was going to say ginger beer, didn’t you?) and a humungous Blaack Forest gateau. Shana put two candles in it as a symbolic gesture. At my age, the right number of candles would have set off the smoke alarms 🙂

Everyone who was expected to send a birthday card duly obliged.

And the rest of the day was spent tinkering about with yarn and trying to tangle ourselves up in balls of cotton and acrylic. Well, wehen you’re as old as us wafflers, you gotta have a hobby, don’t you?