Ahem…it’s breakfast time…

I had quite a surprise this morning, Smoky was sitting on the Grand Staircase waiting for me when I got up, it’s the first time he’s come to fetch me for breakfast, I would have laughed louder than I did, but Chris was still asleep in the North Wing and I didn’t want to disturb him (yes I know he’s disturbed enough!).

Smiling at Smoky I asked if he wanted his foodies…he took off down the Staircase like the proverbial cat out of hell. Despite the fact it’s well over a year since Smoky took up residence in Waffle Towers, he can still surprise us!


My breakfast tastes weird

Still half asleep, I put my Weetabix (actually the supermarkets own generic brand, but for the purposes of writing this post I shall refer to them as Weetabix as most are familiar with that brand name)…so where was I…oh yes, Weetabix in the bowl…I can’t eat them without a sprinkling of sugar.

So I take my bowl over to Chris’ corner where he makes his concoctions, like tea and coffee. There are three containers (note to self; take a pic some time they’re really cute), one for sugar, one for tea, one for coffee, Chris likes to keep them in a certain order, so I open the middle one to get a spoon of sugar and…TEA BAG?? For some reason, only known to his goodself, Chris had moved the containers around…I am deeply traumatised.