Today Bloke is…erm…*whispers* 49, we don’t really do parties, but there is a rather epic chocolate cake for later, and pizza, and egg ‘n’ mayo sandwiches, as Bloke himself would say, “yes, but not all on the same plate”!!

origami cake

I found you an origami cake, I’m sure you could make it for real, I only crochet!!

Happy Birthday Chris!!


Are you being served?

‘Just look at the quality design on this cake box,’ said Shana. She held the box out to me and I felt the texture of the card and admired the judicious use of whitespace and the designer’s careful selection of tasteful typefaces and subtle colours.

‘Oh dear,’ Shana said, tipping the box at a slight angle, the more to admire the fonts used on the ingredients list or something equally geeky. ‘”Serves six” it says here. There are only two of us.’

‘It must mean six midgets,’ I said. ‘I don’t mind struggling though, if you think you won’t be able to manage it.’

It’s a common problem with us and cakes. They usually claim to serve four. We bravely wrestle with such philosophical problems by positing imaginary guests whom we rudely elbow out of the way so we can scoff their portions. Only when a cake box declares ‘Serves an entire scout troop and the Band of the Coldstream Guards’ will I admit defeat. Until then, whenever faced with a Big Cake Challenge, I’ll do what I always do…

Pace myself.

You can never have too many cakes

As Shana wrote yesterday, Wednesday was grocery delivery day. And we received not one but two cakes, just in case one wasn’t delivered. This idea appealed to me and I said as much:

‘What did you call that second cake again?’ I asked.

‘A back-up,’ said Shana. Obviously, it comes from years of working with computers. They can be unreliable at times, so it’s always a good idea to back up your work whenever possible. Shana had simply extended the idea to cake. I preferred a phrase more associated with tv cop shows:

‘Cake number 2 is a bit like calling in reinforcements,’ I said. ‘Attention all units: we have a serious situation. Send in the Carrot Cake Squad!’ (It’s a bit like the Sweeney, only with more buttercream icing.)

Shana’s policy is all very well, but to minimise the risk of being left high and dry and  totally cakeless, I suggest an improvment on her strategy. Next time, order three cakes.