On the menu today…

Cinnamon & Apple crisp for me
High Fibre Concoction for Chris

Finest Sunbaked Cherry Tomato and Basil Oil Tear & Share
Tea (Green tea for me, uber strong for Chris)

Afternoon Tea
Slice of Carrot Cake
Tea (As above)

Home made Mushroom Risotto with Large Flat Forestiere Mushrooms
Tea (As above)

Early Supper
Slice of Carrot Cake
Tea (As above)

The drawbridge at Waffle Towers has been raised and guards posted at strategic locations to keep out the hungry hordes, let the nomming begin!


Let them eat cake!

Every fortnight when our noms are delivered, we always treat ourselves to a cake, this was the treat I chose this week, Tesco’s Cinnamon Tear & Share Bun…


Knowing what supermarkets are like for failing to deliver, I also ordered a back up, Tesco Finest Spiced Carrot Cake…



Both cakes were delivered…it was a tough choice which to eat first, but we chose the Cinnamon Bun, tomorrow the Carrot Cake and to hell with the calories!!