I’ve Been Fleeced!

One of Smoky’s favourite places is the windowsill in the sitting room. As the tiles were too cold for the wee kitty, we wrapped a faux sheepkin cover around some eggbox foam. Despite regular washing of the aforementioned cover, we decided that it was time to replace it.

I found a single bed thermal fleece topper on Amazon, and here it is…as modelled by his Lordship…who’s giving me one of those ‘don’t you dare take another pic or else…’ looks!!


Too Busy To Blog!

I’ve been so engrossed working on new designs that I haven’t had time to write any blog posts…except for this one to let you know that I’m busy!!

A nasty bout of Ocular Migraines didn’t help either, it only lasted a couple of days, but was then followed by an eye infection, so I thought it best to take a break from crocheting until it cleared up.

When my new yarn arrives I’ll be able to get one of the new designs crocheted and written up, but don’t be surprised if I don’t blog again for a while!

In the meantime, here’s a pic of Smoky with his new cat tree to keep you amused!

Smoky watching the world go by!