It’s all white!

Finally my bedroom is all painted, a little problem with the ceiling, but nothing that can’t be ignored!

In the middle of painting Chris muttered something about an old music hall song, “You can find it on YouTube later…” he said nonchalantly, now you know I love a challenge!

Here is the song with words so you can all sing along, I do wonder about Chris’ strange taste in music sometimes…


The South Wing Redecoration Project

That is a long-winded title for what is essentially the redecoration of my boudoir in the south wing, but I like to go big on titles!

Well my attempt to save money has seriously backfired, the cheap paint I bought looked fine in the tin, nice and thick like cream, but when rollered on the wall it’s more like dilute water *sigh*. So I’ve had to order some new paint, a brand name this time, but I still got it for a good price, and the cheap paint is a good undercoat…and talking of water…

For some time now I’ve been telling Chris to use dry water to make drinks, you know what it’s like when you get to a certain age, endless trips to the bathroom all night, enough said!

I’m hoping this product will work…


The blue room

Sunday, 9pm: “I’ll prepare the living room walls for painting. Quite a few areas will need patching up with filler. And then I’ll have to sand the patched areas smooth, so the paint roller doesn’t snag on them. And then I’ll shift the bookcases. Should be ready for Tuesday hopefully.”

“Good idea,” said Shana. “Monday is never my best day, so it’s good not to have to get stuck into painting right at the start of the week.”

Yeah! Last words of the famous variety, eh?

Monday, 11am: “Are you done yet? I can’t wait to get started. I’ll go get my painting clothes.”

So, perhaps Monday, for Shana, is not so bad as expected. Before I know it, she’s wrestling with the lid of a Dulux Once paint container, sloshing the paint about like a swimmer trying to fight off a herd of piranhas.

And the ‘painting clothes’? A black skirt. Not sure of the length, but long enough to reaach the upturned lid of the paint can.(‘Nuff said.)  Picasso had his blue period, and Shana was determined to go one better. Not that I escaped unscathed: I collected a few blue drips, but I’ll live.

Once started, all went swimmingly. Meaning we (but mostly Shana) looked like we’d spent the day swiming in paint 🙂

Shana did the paint rollering, and I opted for the role of cutter-inner. (Cutter-innerer? Oh, whatever!)

By close of play, the only living being with no paint on him (and hence the winner of the game) was Smoky. And he’d wandered around the house totally oblivious of how he could have ended the day with little blue paws rather than his usual little pink ones.

Fortunately, Dulux Once lived up to its name: only a single coat was required.

Now all we need is a week to recover from all the exertion.

It’s party time – BYOB!!

No I don’t mean Bring Your Own Bottle, I mean Bring Your Own Brush, as in paintbrush, we’re having a decorating party!!

We have organised chaos here in Waffle Towers, Chris is moving the books out of the library, it looks kinda bare without the bookcases, I’m endeavouring to keep calm and let Chris get on with it. Hopefully by Tuesday I’ll be able to start painting, not that it will take that long to prepare, it’s just I don’t like Mondays…I really should write a song about that…

And if you’re interested, we’re painting the room blue, and it’s a big room, some 21 feet by 10 feet or so, I’ll probably fall asleep half-way along the wall, this time I’m going to roller, Chris is going to brush, I think it’s called ‘cutting-in’ and usually involves splodges of paint where there shouldn’t be splodges of paint.

At least this time I won’t have to worry about getting paint in my hair, I had it all cut off a few weeks ago…but that’s another story!