Surf Kitchen

We rescued an old abandoned table today. Eventually, we’ll remove the dingy brown paint to reveal the dingy brown wood underneath. We’ll also have to reglue some of the joints to stop it from wobbling. Other than that it’s in perfect condition. I dismantled it so it will be easier to work on. This was a simple matter of taking out half a dozen screws, and a bit of last-minute prep with my ‘fine adjustment tool’: a mallet 🙂

The table top, a sinuous scallop-edged affair has clearly been used by an amateur decorator, judging by the paint splashes. I held it up to the wall and immediately saw a thousand quid piece of modern abstract art. Oops, I seem to have it upside down!


Or maybe it’s a surfboard? I couldn’t resist surfing round the kitchen, although in my mind I was already on Bondi beach in Hawaii. (Never was much good at geography.)

By the way…Aloha 🙂

Back to Reality-on-Sea though. Here’s the rest of the table. Looks like Humpty Dumpty after his great fall, doesn’t it? Oh dear, what have we started…


Now, I am Carpenter!

It’s been a busy week for the postman. Yesterday, a couple of crossword puzzle books arrived for me. One book of a hundred Financial Times crosswords and one of Sunday Telegraph puzzles.

Today, Shana received some balls of yarn she’d ordered seemingly only five minutes ago. These are for a special project. (She’s crocheting the Little House on the Prairie.)

For me, there was also a little toy in the post. Namely, a mitre box and (as if that wasn’t enough excitement) a saw. The saw has someone’s name on it: ‘Stanley’. If he comes round wanting it back, I’m going to hide it and deny all knowledge (not difficult really for a Bloke like me 🙂 ).

Down to the bottom shed I trotted, returning with a couple of yards of warped pine. I then set about cutting several 45-degree angels (sic) and managed to create a decent impression of a picture frame. Shana and I were both chuffed. In fact, it’s hard to say who was the chuffedest. Anyway, it’s good to develop new skills, and with my new mitre box, I can now make things for our home. How about a perfectly mitred square toilet seat? Eh? Whaddya mean, therre’s not much call for that round here?

The South Wing Redecoration Project

That is a long-winded title for what is essentially the redecoration of my boudoir in the south wing, but I like to go big on titles!

Well my attempt to save money has seriously backfired, the cheap paint I bought looked fine in the tin, nice and thick like cream, but when rollered on the wall it’s more like dilute water *sigh*. So I’ve had to order some new paint, a brand name this time, but I still got it for a good price, and the cheap paint is a good undercoat…and talking of water…

For some time now I’ve been telling Chris to use dry water to make drinks, you know what it’s like when you get to a certain age, endless trips to the bathroom all night, enough said!

I’m hoping this product will work…


Be careful what you ask for…

By the side of the desk there is a screen to stop the glare from the window, it’s only a cardboard and paper contraption that Chris made, not so much shabby chic as just a tad shabby! It looks even tattier now we’ve decorated, so Chris said to me “Buy me some wood and I’ll make a proper one”…I do love a challenge…

Chris was still eating his porridge when the timber lorry arrived, a flatbed truck with lots of lovely wood…including our 4 lengths of 2″ x 1” timber, and despite Chris’ unkempt state, having not quite woken up, I sent him downstairs to fetch it. Needless to say one of our curious nosey neighbours had to ask what he was going to do with it, Chris replied “Making a rabbit hutch” and walked away.

There is much muttering and sawing underway, whether we end up with a screen, or a rabbit hutch, only time will tell!!

Oh and for the record, I will be playing a part in this, I ordered some upholstery fabric to cover the wood…if I can coax Daisy into sewing in a straight line!