Selling Darth Vader

We’re having a clearout and selling stuffs on eBay, one of the items is my cloak I’ve had for years, I will be sad to see it go, but it’s not as though I have any use for it now I’ve had my Broomstick Flying Licence revoked!

I was trying to find the best way to take a pic, because it is seriously huge, so I laid it out on a double bed, then realised it looks like a deflated Darth Vader, and yes, I added that to the listing!!



Buying on eBay

We’ve had an account on eBay since 2005, mainly for buying, but sometimes selling as well. Over the last few months I’ve had 2 occasions where I’ve had to file a complaint for items not received, in 1 case the item eventually arrived, the other completely disappeared, the seller claimed to have posted it, then claimed to have been in hospital, I’ve heard that excuse way too many times.

I’ve now started double checking the Feedback for sellers and to be honest I am horrified at the increasing number of negatives some of them are getting, one seller had over 30 in the last few months. Now if it was just a few sellers you could avoid buying from them, but it almost seems common now across a lot of sellers, and I think it’s about time eBay did something about it.

Maybe some of the negative Feedback is just a picky buyer, but there should be more control and checks done before buyers lose confidence in eBay, I know I have, I often go to Amazon now instead.

OK that’s my moan for the day, I accept eBay will never do anything about it, so I’ll buy elsewhere!