Happy Anniversary

Wow, I had no idea it was 9 years ago I registered with WP, prior to that we rented our own server and ran our own WP, until damn hackers made mincemeat of it, grrrr…

…In fact I’ve been on the interwebs since the 1990’s, when you could run out of things to look at after a few clicks, and no commercial ads, real links to real pages, sigh, those were the days!


Now we’re cooking with gas

Last year we dissed ‘Black Friday’ on this blog. It’s all about greedy people chasing stupid special offers, I wrote. And I advised people to ignore it all and leave their shopping till the Saturday after.

This year we actually chose to grab a Black Friday deal.

Only , we placed our order and made our payment on the Thursday immediately before Black Friday proper.  Oh, and the shop, a local Euronics dealer only two minutes’ walk from Waffle Towers, was empty save for us and the storekeeper. So there was no jostling amongst other shoppers. It was all very civilised and polite, which is how shoppery should be 🙂

Our purchase was delivered and installed around midday today. Here’s what it looks like.


It’s a Valor gas cooker, no less. Twin cavity, with double-glazed doors and interior light. It’s 50cm wide, so it fits the kitchen perfectly. And Shana cooked chips, mouthwatering beef burgers and baked beans this evening just to let it know what it has let itself in for.

‘It’s warmed the room up nicely,’ I said, enjoying the respite from today’s ‘bracing’ temperatures.

‘Yes, but you might not be so keen to be around it on a hot summer day,’ said Shana.

‘Oh, I’d forgotten about that,’ I said. ‘Can’t wait to cook a few salads next June and July. I can just imagine the aroma of chargrilled Chinese leaf lettuce wafting through the air.’ 🙂

One side-effect of having a new cooker is all the extra worktop space that has now been freed up. For almost ten years, we have used ‘alternative’ cooking methods, everything bar a firepit in the back lawn. Continue reading “Now we’re cooking with gas”

Sunday Dinner

I had one of those deep nostalgia moments earlier, I remembered all the way back to the early 1960’s, specifically Sundays. We always went out on a Sunday, but not until the afternoon. Before then I had to endure the ritual of the cooking of Sunday dinner, it drove me nuts, and is probably why I still hate Sunday dinner!

As soon as we’d had breakfast, the oven would be lit, the meat and all the veg prepared. At the same time ALL the windows would be opened, sash windows so lots of cold air came rushing in. That was the problem, the house never had any heating, or running hot water, but I digress, back to Sunday dinner.

I would sit curled up in the chair, freezing to death, the smell of roast beef wafting through the house, my stomach growling like I hadn’t been fed for a month. It was torture. Starving, cold and bored to tears, I just wanted to go out on our Sunday outing!

When dinner was finally served, I then had to learn the art of balancing on a cushion while nit-picking my way around the plate. The only veg I would eat was peas and potatoes, didn’t like much meat either, Yorkshire Pudding was the best bit, especially as some were kept warm to have with syrup after dinner…but only IF I ate all my dinner!

And this is how miserable I looked after having suffered the Sunday dinner ritual!

Shana eating dinner
Shana eating dinner

Hams under the hammer

Our lunch, for the past couple of days, has been ham rolls. Not just any ham, but oak-smoked ham. And not just any rolls either, but crusty white ‘petit pains’ (that’s mini baguettes if you were wondrin’ 🙂 )

So at precisely about eight o’ clock this morning, Waffle Towers was full of the aroma of baking bread. And this particular smell has one almost magical property. It’s supposed to entice potential buyers into agreeing to purchase your house.

‘Could you go to the loft for a while?’ Shana asked, hovering rather over-protectively near the oven and all that yummy part-baked bread.

‘Why?’ I asked (perhaps unwhysly)

‘Because,’ Shana explained, ‘as the great Martin Roberts of Homes Under the Hammer fame, and his grandad, TV builder Tommy Walsh, never tire of telling us viewers, if you want to increase the value of your home you should always go up into the loft.’

So off I trotted, loft-bound at last. Until, as I reached the top landing, I realised something was wrong.

‘Shana!’ I called down. ‘Your theory has a basic flaw.’

‘What’s that?’ Shana asked.

‘Well, we don’t actually own Waffle Towers. Not as such. It happens to be someone else’s property. So all this bread and loft stuff is never going to work. Sorry.’

Shana was as crestfallen as a cockatiel on a bad hair day. ‘So what would we get if we sold the house?’ she said.

‘Oh, about three years or maybe just a small fine,’ I said.

‘Ah, I see,’ said Shana. ‘Anyway, up into the loft with you, there’s a dear.’

And really, there’s no arguing with logic like that, is there?

Good thing this computer monitor has a bright display though. Makes it much easier writing blog posts from the loft. Otherwise it’s jolly dark up here. Can hardly even see the spi…