On the menu today…

Cinnamon & Apple crisp for me
High Fibre Concoction for Chris

Finest Sunbaked Cherry Tomato and Basil Oil Tear & Share
Tea (Green tea for me, uber strong for Chris)

Afternoon Tea
Slice of Carrot Cake
Tea (As above)

Home made Mushroom Risotto with Large Flat Forestiere Mushrooms
Tea (As above)

Early Supper
Slice of Carrot Cake
Tea (As above)

The drawbridge at Waffle Towers has been raised and guards posted at strategic locations to keep out the hungry hordes, let the nomming begin!


I am not a bad mom

How do you explain to a kitty that they need to go on a diet?

We have to watch Smoky’s weight closely as we don’t want to put too much strain on his back leg, he’s not always the most active of cats and if he just puts on a few ounces, playing grinds to a halt.

So today I’ve had to stop the kibble ration, and I’m getting glared at, Smoky has had his allowance of two pouches of wet food, and almost taken the varnish of his bowl in an attempt to show how starving he is. I’ve got to be strong, I know I’m not a bad mom, but I’m not sure Smoky understands!

Beans ‘r’ us

Today is bean day, we like beans in this house, there are jars of dried beans of all kinds, the choice for today was Black Turtle Beans and Pinto.

Once they’ve soaked overnight, Chris valiantly takes responsibility for the boiling and simmering stage, he only does this because he gets to test the beans to make sure they’re cooked, needless to say extra beans have to be added at the soaking stage for this mini feast to take place, sorry testing process.

Then it’s my turn to step up to the hot plate with my trusty and ancient Le Creuset saucepan. I melt a generous knob of butter, Chris drains the beans and chucks adds them to the pan, after a few minutes I add a couple of teaspoons of Fajita seasoning, today it was Beef flavour, suitable for vegetarians I hasten to add. Then a tin of chopped tomatoes is stirred through. After a few minutes of cooking, the beans are set aside until the evening meal for the flavours to develop. This is a critical moment, Chris spends a lot of time in the kitchen allegedly ‘guarding’ the beans, I suspect he continues with his testing.

At dinner time, while the beans are warmed through, I cook some plain rice, that is then added to the bean mix and given a good stir through. Then the bean and rice mix is piled into dishes…large portion for Chris, small portion for me…grated cheese is sprinkled on the top…then nommed!

I’m hungry now, is it dinner time yet?!