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If you came here looking for stuff about knitting, crochet, origami, netmaking or anything even vaguely craft-related, you will want to check out the new home where we have moved all the creative stuff to. It’s called Chris and Shana’s Craft Shack. Go there. Be amazed 🙂


Origami Cat

Smoky has been watching Chris doing Origami and thought he’d try it with my duvet, I think all the folding was too much, sleep is a much better idea!

origami smoky

Birthday paper vase


I don’t keep a lot of my origami stuff, but here’s one little item that’s stayed around for a while. It’s a vase made from folding instructions at origami-instructions.com. You start off by creasing a square into thirds. You have to be careful when raising the finished piece, but this one, made from some old birthday wrapping paper  turned out well. Here’s the top: