Duvet Love

I mentioned in my previous post just how much Smoky loves my duvet, or rather his duvet! Well I put it back on the bed temporarily so he can sleep on it during the day.

How content does he look??!!



Things that go swipe in the night

Smoky hasn’t always slept with me, he only started a few months back and at first slept by my feet and never moved all night. Because he’s a rescue kitty and was 5 when he adopted us as his parents, we have no idea what his previous life was like, maybe he was never allowed on the bed.

He’s all brave now, the bed is his, I sleep where he lets me, and considering I have a double bed and he’s a small cat, that takes quite some doing! After the middle-of-the-night-bathroom-break, I return to the bedroom to find him sat in the middle of the bed and until he’s had some fuss, there is no way I’m allowed to lie down again.

Last night saw a new angle, I snuggled down into bed, made a fuss of him, then tucked my hands in, only to be swiped with a paw, obviously Smoky wanted more fuss. So I stroked him for a while, he has the most awesome purr, it shakes the bed! I tucked my hands in again, closed my eyes and…SWIPE! I have to say that at least he did it ‘soft paw’, those claws are lethal. He repeated this a few times before giving me permission to go back to sleep.

I’m sure Chris things I’m daft for letting Smoky get away with it, I can’t help being an epic softie!