A Slide Aside

Here are the slides and projector I inherited from my father, together with a pic of the man himself trying to be artistic taking what I guess could be the worlds first selfie!! He actually won some prizes for his photography and was very particular when it came to taking pics, he had gadgets for testing the light, various filters and lenses, very keen indeed.


London 1964

I inherited a box of slides that my father took from the early 60’s to the 70’s, they are rapidly deteriorating and a few years ago I attempted to digitise them, sadly some could only be saved as black and white images.

These pictures were taken in London, and I thought it would be interesting to include a modern picture for comparison, obviously if I had sufficient funds I’d travel to London to find the exact spot where my father took the original photo and take a new one, but then again I never liked visiting London, way too hectic for me, a mere country bumpkin!

Victoria Memorial, Buckingham Palace

London Bridge

Trafalgar Square