The Old Grey Kitty Test

Our ten-year-old mackerel tabby, Smoky, enjoys rubbing his jowls on all manner of different surfaces and textures. A lot of cats do this. They can deposit and collect information in this way and it presumably also feels quite nice on their whiskers.

Smoky recently acquired a piece of flexible corrugated cardboard (packaging from a parcel, I think) which measures about 18 by 36 inches. He likes to sit on the corrugated side (it’s smooth on the reverse) and today he also, during one of his bouts of preening, began licking the corrugations.

To my ear, Smoky licking corrugated card with his rough feline tongue sounded like nothing so much as one of those washboard homemade instruments that were popular in the 1950s. I must therefore conclude that Smoky has now invented…

Cat Skiffle!


I’ve Been Fleeced!

One of Smoky’s favourite places is the windowsill in the sitting room. As the tiles were too cold for the wee kitty, we wrapped a faux sheepkin cover around some eggbox foam. Despite regular washing of the aforementioned cover, we decided that it was time to replace it.

I found a single bed thermal fleece topper on Amazon, and here it is…as modelled by his Lordship…who’s giving me one of those ‘don’t you dare take another pic or else…’ looks!!

Why Smoky goes nutty for neon

A lot of cat ‘owners’ might not know this, and we ourselves only found out by chance when watching a documentary on kitties. Your beloved houehold moggy sees most things in various tones of grey.

Blue and yellow, however, really stand out, and cats see those as real colours.

Smoky though, goes one better. He gets really excited and goes nutty when we present him with rainbow/neon colours. Wave a piece of cordage (specifically a length of 1mm or 2mm satin cord) and we believe it actually flashes in front of his eyes. Gets his attention like nothing else. Even some neon acrylic yarn we bought a little while ago doesn’t quite do the trick. It has to be shiny satincord.

Here he is playing with a few feet of satincord that I braided into a kind of mini rope. He loves to pounce on it and chew it as if it’s a mouse or something. Shana captured this shot of Smoky just after his breakfast this morning, shortly before I got up. As far as I knew, Smoky was a quiet well-behaved, even sedate little kitty.

But look here at how he has rolled his head backwards as if to see the world in new and interesting ways. Now I know he’s an absolute loony 🙂

See the little grey squeaky mouse to the right of that last picture though? He knows trouble is a-brewing. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to find him scuttling off to the nearest bolthole before the Neon Nutcase catches a glimpse of him Scary times….