Let x equal y…

We have a couple of things on tape to watch on Tuesday or Wednesday. First up on Tuesday lunchtime will be University Challenge. If you’re not as brainy as you’d like to be, it helps to have a system.

  1. Stack up all the encyclopedias you can find in the house.
  2. If an old trivia paperback authored by Gyles Brandreth is all you have, don’t be sniffy  about it. You never know what obscure facts might be useful.
  3. Draw straws to see who gets lumbered with the algebra questions.
  4. Delegate the person with the fastest trigger finger to be in charge of the ‘Pause’ button on the remote control.
  5. Start the tape. Oh, and no interrupting Jeremy Paxman,; otherwise you’ll incur a five point penalty.

Alternatively, you could ignore all the above and just wing it. Instead, you can play character analysis with the contestants.(‘Ooh, that one looks a bit of a weirdy’ etc). Much better fun, to be perfectly honest.