Delivery Blues

I’ve just got to have a moan.

If I order something from the Argos website, delivery is £3.95, same day delivery, or a day of my choosing. It works well and makes me a happy customer.

If I order something from Tesco Direct, delivery is cheaper, only £3.00. When can you expect delivery? No idea. I put an order in a few days ago, it’s still being processed. I could have paid £5.95 for express delivery, but that’s £2 dearer than Argos, so I stuck with the £3.00 option. Not a happy customer.

The question is this, if Argos can offer such a damn good delivery service for only £3.95, why can’t Tesco? Their delivery service is without doubt, one of the worst.

So dear reader you may be asking why I didn’t order from Argos, well they don’t take Tesco Clubcard vouchers!!


The Dark Side of Grocery Shopping

We always do our grocery shopping online, it’s cheaper than running around in taxis but it does have its limitations. Quite often even the most basic of foods are not available and Chris can oft be heard mumbling into his cuppa, “I bet they’ve got the products instore…”.

Well it now appears that many of the major supermarkets are no longer servicing online orders from their stores, they are opening what are known as (cue Star Wars music!), Dark Stores…at this point my imagination got the better of me…

Dark Side Tesco

It’s in the bag

Today was grocery delivery day, although I always choose the ‘no bag’ option, today Tesco thought they’d make an exception. A bag of Jersey new potatoes was delivered in one brown bag, and the Forestiere Mushrooms in another.



Now to the untrained eye these may appear to only be brown bags, but to me they are uber cute, they’ve even got little handles, and between you an me, Chris did an excellent job of mincing around with one!