Cat-alogue Parcel?

We called our cat Smoky, he thinks he’s Houdini…


Life isn’t all about yarn. Or is it?

Life’s not all about yarn, you know. We do other things as well. Like gardening, for instance. Well, we watch gardening telly programmes. That’s near enough for us 🙂 One of our favourites is the Scotland-based Beechgrove Garden. Today’s show featured a visit to Gardening Scotland. And what was the very first garden that the Beechgrove gang went to see? None other than designer Susan M. White’s ‘The Knitted Garden’.

So maybe life is all about yarn after all, as it seems there’s no escaping it.


The Knitted Garden had in it lots of plants that had one thing in common: they were all sources of fibre, eg bamboo, flax, and cotton.

The centrepiece of the garden was a dead tree reborn as a piece of Art covered in crochet and knitting, “Yarn Bombing” style.


The intro to the Knitted Garden section included a song in the background. It sounded like something from the 1930s or thereabouts. After scouring virtually the entire Internet, Shana finally came up with the goods. The song was ‘Knitting’ by Arthur Askey Time they reissued this. It could be a monster hit in the Yarn-o-sphere. As I said, life isn’t all about yarn.

How wrong I was 🙂

Wonderful Horrible

Recently, we have become avid fans of Horrible Histories. We are now busy catching up with loads of episodes we’ve never seen before. Trouble is, we both saw the title and assumed it was some awful gross-out comedy, the sort of thing of which there’s far too much around these days, so for a long time we simply avoided it. But now we know better. Horrible Histories is brilliant, especially the songs (including, among many others, the Pilgrim Fathers Rap, above) and the black humour of Stupid Deaths. (‘Congratulations, you’re through to the afterlife…’ 🙂 )

Now, why wasn’t history like this when we were at school?

Discover Your Smile

Gotta love bears. Even (or especially?) tatty old bears. That goes without saying. But there’s more:

Not content with failing to recognize William Shatner on his first appearance in Third Rock From The Sun, I have now failed to recognize his voice on this wonderful Thomson travel ad. I thought it was Garrison Keillor, who voiced many of the Honda car ads in recent years.

It’s nothing personal against Shatner. It’s just that I’ve not been keeping up with things on this planet for a while. That’s my excuse anyway. But honestly, the, erm, idiosyncratic singing style should have given it away immediately. Call me slow on the uptake if you like…